Put June Cocó at a piano and let her sing. And she will fill any room with grace!“ (Richie Beirach)
Her presence creates the gloomy elegance of artists like Agnes Obel, Regina Spektor or Kate Bush. She captivates the listener completely with her colourful voice and her strong original Songs. As a piano playing singer she started out as a solo artist. Playing small gigs and writing her own songs. Besides the environment of the universitiy of music, where she studied Jazz, June continously played gigs through bars and small clubs and developed her own style. She collected stories and portraits and turned them into Songs. In september June Cocó will release her first Solo EP called „Back To The Start“ and will be playing a „Back to the Roots“ Solo – Tour in Germany and several european cities like Amsterdam and Paris. These concerts will be broadcasted live in a series of 360°-Tour videos online via Facebook and Youtube.

Currently she is working on her second studio album with her band. It lead to the cooperation with producer Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor) and Michael Vajna (MALKY).

In October 2017 she'll be touring Germany with her full band and introduce new material from the upcoming second Album. It will be released in 2018.


2018 Feb 21 Wed
June Cocó & Band, APEX
2018 Apr 14 Sat
June Cocó & Band, SAVOY