She’s got the gloomy elegance of Juliette Gréco and the inner turmoil of Johnny Cash, she’s got the spell of Nina Simone, the smoothness of Randy Newman and the edge of Tom Waits and Bob Dylan. First of all, she’s got style. Her own style, to say it precisely. Put June Cocó behind a sole Piano and she’ll fill the room – any room – with magic. Put her in a studio together with a producer prodigy like Jules Kalmbacher, and you’ll capture magic on a high end album. Junes debut “The Road” tells stories that thrill the listener both musically and lyrical. Its scope ranges from minimalistic pearls like “Romeo’s late” to potential radio hits like “Rain Falls”. To quote Jazz legend Richie Beirach: “June Cocó is multitalented and multistylistic. Once you hear her music it's a completely satisfying, very uplifting and inspiring feeling. There is a broad collection of different styles, lyrics and attitudes. And of course the voice and creative energy is the essence and the consistent thing behind all the music.”


2017 Feb 02 Thu
June Cocó (solo), Tante Betty
2017 Feb 04 Sat
June Cocó (solo), Galerie Fango
2017 Feb 08 Wed
June Cocó (solo), Tonfink
2017 Feb 10 Fri
June Cocó & Band, Objekt 5
2017 Feb 11 Sat
June Cocó & Band, Malzhaus
2017 Feb 14 Tue
June Cocó & Band, Werk II
2017 Feb 16 Thu
June Cocó & Band, Kukuun
2017 Feb 18 Sat
June Cocó & Band, Savoy
2017 Feb 26 Sun
June Cocó & Band, Festung Mark